“You don’t deserve someone like me,” she mumbled with eyes full of sorrow and her body as weak as a limp marionette, only looking briefly into his eyes.“You can’t tell me what I deserve and what I don’t,” he insisted. “I’m the one who decides that.”“You’re worthy of more, though—more than what I could ever possibly offer you.” But it was no use, as the depths of his mind had already decided that he wanted her and only her—nothing more, nothing less. He wanted to continue to explore and save her dark and lonely mind, memorize the language of her body, and to be enveloped by her warm but faintly cold presence.He sighed and stayed silent, as her words were bouncing all over the inside of his head. She sat there looking at the floor beneath his feet. Throughout the entire time that she has known him, she never really knew him—you could say that she only knew of him. She was never able to figure him out, not even to the slightest extent. And so as he stood there, the world around her also stood silent. He looked off to the side, only to not be distracted by her sadness. He knew that she wanted reassurance. He knew that she wanted him to spill out his heart, his mind, and his soul to her. He knew that there was a part of her that wanted him, but another part of her was holding her back as she did not know if he truly wanted her—or even if he needed her. Because she knew that he did not need anyone.He wasn’t the type to need the company of others in order to keep on going. She knew that he has been alone his whole life—what could possibly make her think that she could change that? And as if he was reading her mind, “I’m fine by myself. I’ve always been,” he quietly said with a slight smirk on his face. “But now I want you by my side. I want you to be my partner in crime. If I didn’t want you, we wouldn’t be here right now. I could’ve been long gone already. And you know that. I know that you know that.”His voice matched with his words sent a chill down her spine that traveled throughout her entire body and filled her heart with butterflies. And immediately after those last few sentences slipped out from his lips, she knew at that exact moment that she had gotten what she has longed for all along, reassurance.

cita: brandonoda


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